Nms All Sentinel Ships (2024)

Exploring the vast expanse of space in No Man's Sky can be a thrilling adventure, filled with wonder and discovery. However, it's not all smooth sailing out there. As you journey through the cosmos, you may encounter the ever-watchful eye of the Sentinels, robotic guardians of the universe. Among their arsenal, Sentinel Ships stand out as formidable foes, ready to engage any interloper who dares to disturb the peace. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of Sentinel Ships in No Man's Sky, covering everything you need to know about these relentless enforcers.

Understanding Sentinel Ships: A Brief Overview

Sentinel Ships are the aerial counterparts of the ground-based Sentinels. They patrol the skies of planets, enforcing the Sentinel's strict laws and regulations. These ships are equipped with advanced weaponry and AI systems, making them a formidable adversary for any unsuspecting traveler.

Encounters with Sentinel Ships: What to Expect

When you attract the attention of the Sentinels by engaging in prohibited activities such as mining or attacking wildlife, Sentinel Ships will soon be on your tail. Their appearance is often swift and relentless, signaling the beginning of a challenging aerial battle. These encounters can be intense, requiring quick thinking and precise maneuvering to outmaneuver and defeat your robotic adversaries.

Types of Sentinel Ships: Know Your Enemy

Sentinel Ships come in various classes, each with its own strengths and capabilities. From smaller interceptors to larger assault vessels, each type poses a unique threat to explorers. Understanding the different classes of Sentinel Ships can help you better prepare for encounters and increase your chances of survival.

Strategies for Dealing with Sentinel Ships

Engaging Sentinel Ships in combat can be a risky endeavor, especially for inexperienced pilots. However, with the right strategies and tactics, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Utilizing evasive maneuvers, upgrading your ship's weapons and defenses, and exploiting weaknesses in Sentinel Ship AI are just a few ways to gain the upper hand in combat.

Rewards for Defeating Sentinel Ships

Despite the dangers they pose, Sentinel Ships also offer valuable rewards for those brave enough to take them on. By successfully defeating these aerial adversaries, you can obtain rare resources, technology modules, and even Sentinel Ship blueprints. These rewards can help you further enhance your own ship and equipment, making future encounters with Sentinel Ships more manageable.

Avoiding Conflict with Sentinel Ships: Tips for Safe Travels

While engaging in combat with Sentinel Ships can be exhilarating, sometimes it's best to avoid conflict altogether. To minimize the risk of attracting the attention of the Sentinels, consider adopting a stealthy approach to your activities. Use terrain and environmental features to your advantage, and always be mindful of your surroundings to avoid detection.


In the vast universe of No Man's Sky, Sentinel Ships serve as constant reminders of the Sentinel's presence and authority. Whether you choose to confront them head-on or avoid conflict altogether, understanding the nature of Sentinel Ships is essential for any interstellar traveler. By arming yourself with knowledge and honing your skills, you can navigate the skies with confidence and emerge victorious in the face of adversity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can Sentinel Ships be destroyed permanently? Yes, Sentinel Ships can be destroyed permanently, but they may continue to respawn in the same area over time.

2. Are there any peaceful interactions with Sentinel Ships? No, Sentinel Ships are programmed to enforce the Sentinel's laws and will engage any interloper they perceive as a threat.

3. Can I outrun Sentinel Ships in No Man's Sky? While it's possible to outrun Sentinel Ships temporarily, they are highly persistent and will continue to pursue you across the planet's surface.

4. Are Sentinel Ships more powerful than other hostile entities in the game? Sentinel Ships are formidable adversaries, but they are not necessarily more powerful than other hostile entities such as pirate ships or aggressive wildlife.

5. Can I ally with the Sentinels to avoid conflict with Sentinel Ships? No, the Sentinels are hostile towards all interlopers and will not ally with players to avoid conflict with Sentinel Ships.

Nms All Sentinel Ships (2024)


Why won t the Sentinels leave me alone? ›

Typically, they'll leave you be, but once you earn a bit of their ire, they'll start to come after you. However, stay out of their detection long enough and they'll leave you alone, for the most part. Luckily, this means you can just find shelter to avoid their sights, like a building or a cave.

Can you destroy a sentinel freighter in no man's sky? ›

The player is able to damage the hull of the freighter and destroy it, causing all nearby interceptors to retreat and rewarding the player with valuable loot, such as the Carrier AI Fragment.

How do I find crashed Sentinel ships in NMS? ›

You can locate one by flying low over the planet's surface or using an Echo Locator that you can obtain by destroying Corrupted Sentinels. These camps will tell you where you can find a crashed Interceptor.

Do Sentinels ever stop chasing you? ›

They never stop when in space. If you fight them off, they simply call reinforcements, if you don't fight them off they simply chase you forever with faster ships than you.

Can you get rid of aggressive Sentinels? ›

Sentinels can now be temporarily disabled, either by defeating the final wave of Sentinel forces in a battle, or by locating and interfacing with a planetary Sentinel Pillar.

Can you get a dreadnought in NMS? ›

Some star systems always spawn a pirate dreadnought when you warp in. This will only happen in 3-star conflict or outlaw systems.

Can you lose frigates in no man's sky? ›

Frigates can be dismissed/deleted from your fleet in the same manner as deleting a tech or item from your inventory (Consoles: hold R3/hold right stick click, PC: hold middle mouse button).

How do you destroy the Sentinel Mothership? ›

Best way to destroy sentinel capital ship
  1. Positron and Infraknife are infinitely better than all other weapons. ...
  2. Upgrade your shield modules and weapon modules. ...
  3. Keep a bunch of shield batteries in your starship (make sure it's the ship ones). ...
  4. Target the laser turrets first.
Aug 15, 2023

What is the best planet to find crashed ships in no man's sky? ›

You're going to want a planet that is covered in water and located in a relatively rich system (the richer, the more likely you'll find more worthwhile crashed ships). Head down to the planet with the Nautilon. Dip into the water, do a scan, and find a ship.

How do I find a corrupted Sentinel planet? ›

The first step to fighting Corrupted Sentinels is finding them. To do that, head to the Galaxy Map and search for a system labeled "Dissonant." You'll need a Conflict Scanner to see these Dissonant systems. Once you've found a Dissonant system, warp there and scan each planet for the "Corrupted Sentinels" description.

How do you get the Sentinel dreadnought? ›

Getting A Sentinel Dreadnought To Spawn

You're going to need to get to the highest wanted level in order for a Dreadnought to warp to your system. This means first angering the Sentinels somehow--either by taking resources from a Sentinel-guarded planet, or shooting a space station or civilian freighter.

Do sentinels ever stop spawning no mans sky? ›

In ship to ship combat you gotta fight through i think 4 waves before the sentinel dreadnaught spawns in wave 5. Take that out and its similar to on the ground taking out the large walker. They definitely stop spawning after that for a while.

How do you escape the Sentinel freighter? ›

  1. Run fast in a straight line (upgrade your pulse engine for more speed)
  2. Summon the anomaly and dock.
  3. Run to a station and dock.
  4. use a Phase beam and it will keep your shields charged, then switch to something like a positron to kill the ships.
Sep 20, 2023

How do you escape the Sentinel capital ship? ›

  1. Pulse Drive to a Space Station, Anamoly, or Red Eye Station (whatever it is called).
  2. Land in a Freighter that you didn't attack. Or if your freighter is in the system, land in it.
  3. Fly to a Planet, and enter the atmosphere, but don't bother landing. ...
  4. Fly to a Planet and land on it.
Jul 25, 2018

Why do Sentinels keep attacking me? ›

Sentinels are robotic entities that guard most worlds. Harvesting resources in view of the Sentinels will cause them to turn hostile. Harvesting some resources, such as Gravitino Balls, will immediately alert Sentinels forces. Sentinels may approach and scan you or any resources you recently harvested.

Do Sentinels just keep coming? ›

Yes, they DO stop coming. On planets you can fight them the highest wave and they shutdown. Across the whole world. And it reveals the location of a sentinel pillar for extra loot.

Why do I keep getting attacked by Sentinels? ›

On planets with rare tradeables like Gravitino Balls, the Sentinels will attack the Player instantly after scanning them once. These Sentinels are classified as "Aggressive," "Frenzied" or "High-Security", and that planet is considered an extreme planet for the purposes of fulfilling Extreme Survival milestones.

How are you supposed to escape Sentinels? ›

Leave the planet

If fighting the Sentinels seems a bit daunting, or if you feel there are too many to take down on your own, get in your spaceship and dip. Fly out into space and keep flying straight. That's your best bet at evading these pesky bots in No Man's Sky.


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