Old US Penny Values | Discover Their Worth (2024)

Coin Values Moving with Precious Metals: Up-Dated 7/6/2024: Gold $2384 | Silver $31.03

Collectors and their pursuit of nice coins is pushing old US penny values higher. These copper coins date back to the beginnings of the mint. With many different designs and varieties; a wide range of values are involved.

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Recognizing the design series of your coin, plus date, and importantly, condition, are the necessary steps to an accurate evaluation. Each different series is covered in detail with a step by step method to identify all factors contributing to value.

Early era cents are notable for their scarcity. 1793 to 1807 saw relativity low mintages and most simply wore out during use.

Half cents and Large cents of the Liberty series are slightly abundant in lower condition. Nice, lightly circulated or finer examples are scarce.

Indian and Lincoln pennies are the very popular series with many collectors assembling complete sets. Values of Indian and Lincoln pennies are supported by strong demand.

🔎Following are images to compare your coin and identify correct series. Text links lead to in-depth how to value the coin.

High Minimum Half Cent Values

All are scarce and enthusiastically sought by Half Cent specialists. With many rare dates and varieties, check your coin against the value charts.

The American Large Cent is Scarce

A classic American coin with many specialists involved. Early years 1793 to 1814 are very scarce. Should your coin be a rare date or even a well-preserved large cent the value increases significantly.

Flying Eagle Pennies | Discover Their Worth

Valuable because they are so popular. Flying Eagle penny values quickly rise depending on condition. 1856 through 1858 cents stand out as sought-after collector coins because of the bold flying eagle design. And they represent the introduction of the modern small cent size.

The Value of an Indian Penny is...

$1 to $2 dollars for common dates. With many advanced collectors perusing Indian pennies the rare dates are rapidly moving higher in value. Better condition coins are especially sought. Your box of old coins has never been more valuable.

Lincoln penny Value is Exceptional for the Right Coin

A very popular coin to collect for both beginners and advanced collectors. Lots of rare dates and mints to discover and now the condition of the older coins is important. These better condition coins have very high old US penny values.

Today's 2 Cent Coin Value | Solid

A short series highlighted by a couple of rare dates and a rare variety. A careful look at your 2 cent coins is necessary. Examine your coins, compare them to the grading images and discover today's solid values.

Step by Step Method to Old US Penny Values

Steps Leading to Value:

  • Step 1: Recognize the Different Series of Cents - US pennies cover a large variety of series and styles with overlapping dates. Identify the different series to begin.
  • Step 2: Date and Mintmark Variety - Within series, dates become important to value, identify all dates accurately.
  • Step 3: Grading Condition - Judging condition is done with a close inspection and comparing to standards for the grade.

Most factors affecting value are easy enough to identify. The date of the coin is prominent, once you know where to look, mintmarks become easy to find. And although some varieties are obscure, most are easily identifiable. All of these are listed on the value charts. However...

The hardest to accurately determine is the condition of your old pennies. Known as "Grading". Each coin denomination has their own subtle grading points to follow. Important because values are often significantly higher from one grade to the next.

Condition of a Coin is Defined by a "Grade"

With the series identified, dates confirmed, attention is now directed to the condition of the coin. All series are evaluated individually by certain condition standards. Example: Condition of Indian pennies are judged by different point on the coin than Lincoln cents.

Good Grade

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Heavily worn condition places a coin in the Good grade.

Fine Grade

Old US Penny Values | Discover Their Worth (9)

Moderate amount of wear defines the Fine grade.

Extremely Fine Grade

Old US Penny Values | Discover Their Worth (10)

With just light wear on high areas, a penny is considered as Extremely Fine grade.

Defining condition by "Grades" is how charts lists individual values for stages of wear and condition. Grading individual coins is detailed on the series pages linked above.

With your coin in hand discover old US penny values.

Coin Values | CoinStudy Articles

From Half Cents to Large Cents to Indian and Wheat pennies, there are numerous rare dates, rare mintmarks and many different varieties avidly sought by collectors. Many collections are very advanced both in scope and quality of the coins. A continual process of upgrading these collections alerts to the difficulty of finding many high-grade coins. Certain pennies once considered common are becoming difficult to find. Prices and values are continually adjusted.

Of Note: We refer to these coins as a penny or pennies, however in official terms, the US Mint defines the denomination as a Cent.

Selling Wheat Pennies and Receiving the Highest Price

Separate your old wheat pennies into the main value groups - different decades, mintmarks, rare dates and importantly condition. Preparing and selling wheat pennies for the best value is possible.

Finding Rare Pennies

Searching for rare pennies is interesting and exciting when it leads to a find. Discover the rare pennies in your box of old coins.

Coin Value Guide | How to Value a Coin Collection

A step by step method combined with the coin value online guide identifies how to value a coin collection. Discover how much your box of old coins is worth.

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One of keys to the best price when selling and finding coin buyers is knowing accurate values.

★Coin Values Discovery... find Old US Penny Values and...

All old US coin values. The home page is an excellent index, quickly leading to the major coin series. From Cents to Gold.

Old US Penny Values | Discover Their Worth (2024)


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