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Today, hooks or s-hooks are indispensable and in many areas, such as maritime articles, they are often used elements that can be quickly installed and quickly removed if necessary. This is what makes hooks so interesting. Especially in the maritime sector, hooks are often used for maritime articles. And precisely because these elements can come into contact with water, stainless steel should always be used.

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S-hooks made of stainless steel are wonderful little helpers who can quickly make connections between different products if required. An S-hook, which is available in many different designs, can be attached quickly to a nail on the wall, or to a frame or a tensioned rope. The S-hooks are also used extensively on boats and yachts when tarpaulins or covers have to be removed. However, these are just examples of the unlimited possibilities of the stainless steel S-hooks. The stainless steel S-hook is made almost exclusively of stainless steel. It can be symmetrically arranged so that both openings are the same or one opening is larger than the other. If you want to read more about stainless steel S-hooks, please visit our blog.

Our range of stainless steel S-hooks - Buy online in our online shop

S-HOOKS SHOP - buy fast-cheap-reliable! (1)Since S-hooks are a very popular connecting element, we included them relatively late in our product range. Our customers asked us if we could include stainless steel S-hooks in our product range, so that the S-hooks could also be ordered with the other products on our website. We have responded to this request and our range of hooks has grown in recent years and we have also been able to expand our strengths in this area. Dabai has released a wide range of hooks, which are common elements that are important for daily use. Thus our customers, who can buy their products in our online shop 24 hours a day, have the possibility to buy our products fast and uncomplicated. Data protection is particularly important to us and we have therefore decided to convert our website to the secure SSL certificate. This process is of great importance for you, because your data is secure and can no longer be read by others during data export. How a purchase in our shop proceeds, we do not want to deprive you of course. Take your time to find all your items and put them in the shopping cart. Then create a customer account to enter your data. These are needed to send you the invoice and to receive your delivery address. Once these points have been completed, you will be redirected to the checkout to complete the order process. Now you have the opportunity to make your payment selection and conclude with the purchase. Now we also receive your order with the S-hooks and can then assemble the stored goods for you. Afterwards the package is handed over to the post office and delivered to you.

Stainless steel S-hooks for boats and yachts

Of course there are many thousands of different hooks made of steel or stainless steel for different applications. For example, you can also use the S hooks as room hooks or to hang various things. You can also use the S-hooks in boats and yachts to attach clothes to doors and walls. However, for boats and yachts there are much more comfortable hooks than the S-hooks. Here often the cast hooks made of stainless steel are used, which are cast from one piece and are provided with the suitable drillings around such hooks for boats and yachts also meaningfully with the suitable screws surely and fast at doors and walls to attach. These cast hooks also look even more beautiful and are also something for the look. Also these hooks we offer to you in our on-line Shop to the purchase favorably. Just look under the hooks, there you will find the stainless steel hooks for boats and yachts.

The different stainless steel S-hooks

S-HOOKS SHOP - buy fast-cheap-reliable! (2)The symmetrical S-hook is available as a simple hook, which is bent into an S-shape on both sides and has openings on both sides for hanging products. The following sizes are available for these S-hooks symmetrically made of stainless steel: the S-hook symmetrically 3mm, the S-hook symmetrically 4mm, the S-hook symmetrically 5mm, the S-hook symmetrically 6mm and the S-hook symmetrically 8mm. The asymmetrical S-hook is designed so that one side of the hook has a larger opening with a larger diameter than the opposite diameter. The opening widths can also vary. Available as asymmetric hooks are: S-hook asymmetric 3mm, S-hook asymmetric 4mm, S-hook asymmetric 5mm, S-hook asymmetric 6mm and S-hook asymmetric 8mm. S-hooks can be open or closed on one side or small hooks or large S-hooks. When manufacturing hooks, it is important to perform this operation on wire bending machines. Wire coils are always used which have several hundred metres of wire on one coil. This wire is inserted into the wire bending machine and processed into the coveted S-hooks. The machine has a gripper that bends the wire to the customer's specifications. Once the S-hooks have been bent, they are cut off by scissors and placed in an electropolishing bath. Afterwards they shine very well and can be stored in the warehouse. If you now place an order for S-hooks, we can send them to you immediately.

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S-HOOKS SHOP - buy fast-cheap-reliable! (2024)


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