What Happened To Hayley De Sola Pinto After Below Deck Season 10? (2024)


  • Hayley De Sola Pinto still hangs out with Below Deck crew members from season 10, teasing a return on season 11.
  • The English stew runs a successful aesthetics business, showcasing versatility and entrepreneurial spirit post-show.
  • Fans speculate on Hayley's return to Below Deck season 11, noting clues on social media hinting at her possible comeback.

Hayley De Sola Pinto was a stew in Below Deck season 10, but there's curiosity about what she's been up to since starring in the hit reality TV series, including whether she might return to Below Deck season 11. The English stew with bright red hair made an impression on Below Deck season 10. She brought her vibrant personality and yachting experience to the St. David crew in St. Lucia.

Hailing from Cornwall, England, Hayley has been immersed in the maritime world since she was 23 and is known for being great with guests. When she's not on board, Hayley runs her own aesthetics business, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite her fiery persona, Hayley formed a special bond with Chief Stew Fraser Olender and became one of his closest confidantes both on and off the yacht. What has happened with Hayley since leaving Below Deck, and will she return on season 11?

Hayley Still Hangs Out With Below Deck Crew Members

There's been intense focus on Hayley lately as she continues to hang out with her costars from Below Deck season 10. Following the season's conclusion, Hayley's popularity soared, which is evident in her rapidly growing Instagram following, which now exceeds 119,000 followers. In addition to Instagram, Hayley followed in the footsteps of former castmates like Lucy Edmunds by starting an OnlyFans account. Additionally, Hayley expanded her online presence by posting photos with Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph from Below Deck Down Under season 2. She was most recently seen with Ashling Lorger in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.

Ashling captioned her photo, "Caught up with this absolute babe ! Who thinks we need to do another season of Below Deck together!? Or maybe another show ? Share your ideas - comment below," followed by a lightbulb emoji. Hayley enjoyed their time together and commented that she would appreciate collaboration between them. Fans in the comments were excited by the idea of seeing Ashling and Hayley on a season of Below Deck together, saying, "You too and aesha and captain Jason would kill it and add colin aswell as the engineer," and, "I am a dedicated fan of Below Deck, and was very disappointed that both of only had one season. Andy, please give these women another go round," followed by a starry-eyed emoji.

Hayley is a popular crew member among other Below Deck alumni, evidenced by her consistent posting with the cast, including Ben Willoughby. Most importantly, Hayley remains close with Fraser, who may need her help as Below Deck season 11 unfolds. She was an excellent stew and had great camaraderie with fellow crew members.

Hayley Is Still An Aesthetic Practitioner And Model

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Hayley worked as an aesthetician and model before appearing on Below Deck season 10, and that has stayed the same since she left the show. The multi-faceted former stew runs Classen Aesthetics, specializing in advanced aesthetics, Russian lips, facial contouring, and anti-wrinkle treatments. This is specifically Hayley's business that she continues to run. She also offers dermal filler and fat-dissolving treatments. While Below Deck fans might clamor to book an appointment with a former show star, Hayley's clinic is in Helston, Cornwall, in the UK.

Given her incredible beauty, it's not surprising Hayley continues to work as a model after Below Deck. Her most recent shoot was with Kelly Paige Photography, a wedding photographer based in Cornwall, UK. She specializes in sultry looks that highlight her signature, vibrantly red hair. It's great to see Hayley continue pursuing her passions after appearing on Below Deck.

Hayley's Journey On Below Deck

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Hayley had a less bumpy journey on Below Deck than some cast members. Amidst all this chaos, including the departure of Captain Lee Rosbach, Hayley was one of the few crew members who could be called calm amid the storm. After spending four years away from the yachting industry to pursue a career in aesthetics, Hayley decided to return. Her love for the Below Deck franchise led her to apply for a stew position for season 10 aboard the mega yacht St. David, which she obtained. Working alongside Fraser proved to be a highlight for Hayley, and the two are still good friends.

Despite Fraser and Hayley's challenges, their friendship grew throughout the charter. Navigating the drama between her fellow crew members, particularly the feud between Alissa Humber and Camille Lamb, was difficult for Hayley. However, her humor and honesty served as a lighthearted reprieve, helping everyone stay focused and light. When Captain Sandy Yawn replaced Captain Lee, Hayley seemed to adjust well to the change in leadership.

Will Hayley Ever Return To Below Deck?

As Below Deck season 11 continues to unfold, fans have begun to speculate whether Hayley will return as a stew on the latest hit reality TV series installment. According to Monsters and Critics, there are an increasing number of hints that Hayley could be one of the replacement cast members on Below Deck season 11. Ben, a bosun in the franchise, teased the return of a former cast member. The news source deduced that Hayley could be that crew member who had given a deep dive into Hayley, Fraser, and Ben's Instagram accounts.

According to the source, Ben and Hayley made a joint Instagram post in July 2023 suggesting they were working together. They captioned a photo, "Hollywood doesn't know what's hit them!" while smiling with the extroverted, vibrant former stew. Fraser shared a photo from nearly the exact location a few days later, implying Hayley was back onboard and filming with her former castmates. The news source also noted Hayley, who lives in England, would have no reason to be in Los Angeles unless she was filming confessionals for this season of Below Deck.

While not yet confirmed, Hayley may return to Below Deck midseason. She was good at her job and got along well with her fellow crew members, especially Chief Stew Fraser, who may need help with the charter. Hayley has maintained close relationships with former cast members and was fun and hardworking. Hopefully, Below Deck fans will see Hayley back on their screens sooner rather than later.

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Source: Hayley De Sola Pinto/Instagram, Kelly Paige Photography/Instagram, Monsters and Critics

What Happened To Hayley De Sola Pinto After Below Deck Season 10? (2024)


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